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 Physiotherapy Treatments in Currambine


Physiotherapy is a recommended treatment for a large variety of conditions, and is often used to repair or strengthen an injury, as well as to optimise the body's overall strength and conditioning. Shenton Avenue Medical Centre offer full physio evaluation, diagnosis, education, treatment and recovery so as to address immediate concerns, such as pain, while also focusing on long-term strategies or treatments to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Physiotherapy treatment is often used to repair or strengthen an injury as well as optimise the body’s strength and conditioning. Shenton Avenue Medical Centre offers complete physio assessments and evaluations. We focus on long-term strategies to help you restore and maintain good health and treat ongoing pain.

Our physiotherapists can diagnose conditions, educate patients, and provide treatment and recovery options. We will address any immediate concerns and prevent a problem from reoccurring.

What is Physiotherapy?

At Shenton Avenue Medical Centre, our team uses the latest evidence-based physiotherapy techniques to treat a patient’s injury. This includes:

  • Stretching (for muscles) and mobility exercises (for joints)
  • Massage
  • Hot and cold treatment
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Manipulation of muscles


At some point in life, we will all get injured, whether you have broken a bone, suffered a sports injury or are recovering from surgery.

The physios at Shenton Avenue Medical Centre treat patients for varying injuries, including:

  • Sports incidents
  • Work related injuries
  • Falls
  • Post-operative care
  • Chronic conditions

Sport and work-related injuries often result in broken bones and dislocations. Depending on the severity of the injury, some patients may require on-going care.

For patients with chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, physiotherapy may be essential for their management plan. Strengthening the joints and keeping them mobile is often essential to a patient’s ongoing quality of life and range of movement.

Our pain management plans are tailored to ensure the patient receives the best treatment possible.

Who Can Benefit?

Physiotherapy is an ideal treatment for anyone that has been injured or is experiencing pain. From young children to the elderly, our team focuses every treatment on the patient’s needs.

If a patient has had a reconstruction of the shoulder or knee, the rehabilitation process lasts anywhere between 6-12 months. However, long-term conditions will require long-term treatment.

Whether you are a 12-year old footballer recovering from a broken arm or a 50-year-old factory worker with back issues, everyone can benefit from regular physiotherapy.
Getting injured can often hamper your day-to-day activities and overall well-being. If you have hurt yourself and require treatment, contact Shenton Avenue Medical Centre today on (08) 6365 3252 and make an appointment.

 *Please note, there will be a gap of $30 for Care Plan patients

Late Cancellation fee

Appointments are to be cancelled/rescheduled with a minimum of 8 hours notice. Failure to provide this notice is considered a late cancellation/DNA which will incur a fee.

Patients will be charged a fee of $50 for 20min bookings, $80 for 40min bookings.