The Shenton Avenue Medical Centre is a fully in-house practice aiming to provide the surrounding community with an excellent medical facility. So as to offer the best diagnostic service possible, we have our own on-site pathology laboratory that fully caters to our doctors and patients' specific individual requirements.

With biopsies, blood and other specimen tests, we try to ensure our patients receive their results promptly so that any appropriate treatment can begin as soon as possible. To help achieve this, our on-site pathology laboratory is in operation seven days a week, and performs a large number of services for our practice.

This creates a more efficient work-flow, eliminating travel time completely, which helps cut down turnaround times. Blood test results are typically returned within 2-3 days. The Shenton Avenue Medical Centre's pathology laboratory maintains a standard of providing reliable, accurate results within the fastest possible turnaround times.

We understand that some patients can feel anxiety when having blood, tissue and other specimen samples collected, so our doctors go to every length to ensure the least painful or invasive method of collecting is used.


  • Careful and gentle on-site specimen collections
  • Fast, reliable results
  • Blood work and haematology
  • Venesections and phlebotomy
  • ECG (electrocardiograph) monitoring
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Immunology