Podiatry conditions can lead to extreme discomfort, often causing patients to lose mobility and strength. Many conditions, if left untreated, can lead to further problems as well as long-term pain and degeneration, so our doctors understand the considerable importance of podiatry in holistic treatment.

Shenton Avenue Medical Centre podiatry offer treatments for many conditions, specifying treatment for each patient's individual needs. We treat common conditions such as aching feet, heel spurs, flat feet and high arches, as well as offering treatment and pain relief from bunions, corns, callouses, viral warts and ingrown nails.

While offering these immediate treatments, Shenton Avenue Medical Centre also focus on long-term solutions to medical problems so that they do not reoccur. This kind of long-term treatment often brings secondary relief to patients who may have been resigned to a life of bearing the pain and discomfort of their condition.

Podiatry is often recommended to people whose bodies are undergoing change (such as children and the elderly) or high physical stresses (such as athletes and people with labour-intensive jobs).


Treatment for common complaints including:

  • aching feet
  • heel spurs
  • flat feet
  • swelling and pain
  • shin splints

On-site minor surgical treatment of conditions including:

  • ingrown nails
  • fungal nails
  • corns
  • callouses
  • viral warts

Advice and planning on long-term treatments including:

  • orthotics/footwear
  • injury rehabilitation
  • occupational podiatry